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I have added a new page to my blog called Community SLP Services.  It lists several options for SLP services in the Sacramento, California area.  I perform screenings for two other Catholic schools in my community that do not have a speech pathologist on staff.  I list all of these service options in my screening reports to assist parents in obtaining free or reduced-cost services for their children.

Many parents are not aware of all of the SLP services available to them in their communities. I have added this page to serve as an example for other SLPs who may wish to provide similar lists for the families they work with. When I worked for a public school district in the Sacramento area, I provided a list like this for the families I thought may benefit from additional SLP services.  They were always very appreciative!


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  1. Hi. My name is Eileen and I, too, am a speech and language pathologist serving children in a Catholic school setting in Arizona. I have been blessed to be working at St. Mary-Basha Catholic School since the fall of 2001 as a part of the teaching staff. Prior to that, I volunteered at the school for one year as part of my parent service hours requirement (I have had 4 of my own adopted children at the school), and when the value of the service became evident, I was hired as a staff member!

    Before I began my career at SMB, I worked in a couple different public school districts in Arizona for a total of 19 years. It was rewarding to be servicing children in the public schools, and I made a lot of wonderful friends, but I have never worked in as peaceful and positive of an environment as I have found here at St. Mary-Basha! We have an amazing principal, Sr. Mary Norbert Long, a Sister of Charity, who has been the most awesome principal I have ever worked for! She knows every child, every parent, and every staff member, and truly cares about and prays for everyone.

    At SMB, we hold very high standards of excellence in the education of our students. We are dedicated to providing an environment where every child has the opportunity to be the best that they can be, in terms of spirtitual, academic, social/emotional, technological, communicative and physical well-being students. We have even earned the Blue Ribbon School Award, and have been used repeatedly as an example for other schools to look to as a model of excellence. You can tell, I am very proud to be a part of this amazing school!

    As a part of St. Mary-Basha, I get the wonderful opportunity to work toward the goal of ensuring excellence in the communication skills of all of our students, from kindergarten up through 8th grade. As a preschool speech therapist for the nine years prior to coming to SMB, I saw first hand how successfully young children can develop their communication skills despite the usual “criteria” used in the public schools. So, when Sr. Mary Norbert said that I could design my program the way that I believed to be the best professionally, my first priority became early intervention! Therefore, you will see me working on articulation drills involving even /s, z, r, l, th/ in kindergarten. Yes, it makes for a higher caseload, but I service my kinders and first graders in the classroom, pulling them aside for drills only for a few minutes each, and send homework for them to do additionally with their parents. I have found that, by providing this early intervention, children are taught to discriminate sound differences, allowing less confusion in their writing and reading skills. Additionally, this early approach allows for earlier dismissals from the speech program, and thus, my caseload dwindles as the students get to second or third grade. Is this the most research-sound approach? I don’t know. But, it works for my students, the parents are happy, and my principal and teachers seem to like this approach.

    There are so many wonderful and exciting things about working at a Catholic School, but the bottom line in the end for me is that, by being here at St. Mary-Basha School, I am able to use the talents and gifts that God has given to me, in an environment where I can also freely speak about and teach my love for God, and can even go to church on Fridays and Holy days with my students and my own children. And we start every single day with prayer! To me, there can be no greater gift than that!

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